Onero™ Program

When it comes to exercise for osteoporosis, not all exercise is effective. Research has shown only certain types of exercise improve bone health and how it is applied is extremely important. Onero™ is an osteoporosis treatment that uses exercise designed specifically to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls.

At ExCo, the Onero™ Program is conducted in a group class format of up to eight people. Each class is led by one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists, all of whom are certified Onero™ practitioners. Classes run for 45 minutes and for optimal results, we recommend clients attend classes twice a week.

Before starting the Onero™ program, we conduct an initial assessment to get a better understanding of bone density levels, health history and comorbidities, and physical measures such as balance and strength. This is an important first step to ensure each client begins at a suitable level and can be upgraded as and when needed. While Onero™ is suitable to almost everyone with low bone mineral density levels, the team at ExCo can also provide personalised consultations. Having completed additional training in this specific area, our staff are extremely qualified when it comes to understanding the necessary elements to improve bone density outcomes and reduce fracture risk.

Please see our current Group Class Timetable here for information and note these are subject to change.