Semi-Private Performance Training

For over a decade we have been helping people to live, feel, and perform better with specialised and appropriate exercise prescription.

Our integrated performance system allows us to progress our clients with a collaborative strategy to ensure they safely and efficiently work towards their goals.

With expert coaching and support you won’t find anywhere else, we aim to redefine the benchmark for proactive exercise and lifestyle interventions as well as injury prevention and management. All of this at a price point that provides a personalised service in a group environment.

Ideal for people:

  • Looking for a structured training plan that can provide accountability.
  • That enjoy training with like-minded people and enjoy exercise that is socially engaging and fun, yet physically rewarding.
  • People wanting the best possible care at a more affordable price point.
  • With a great friendship…like us to help train and look after. We can assess and build a program suitable for you and your family or friends.