Ben Burton

Exercise Physiologist

Ben Burton

Exercise Physiologist

Having completed a Masters of Exercise Physiology (AEP) and Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science, Ben is a highly skilled Exercise Physiologist, with strong practical experience in clinical rehabilitation and high-performance environments. He strives to create a positive rehabilitation journey and quality of life for clients by combining the latest evidence, with his own personal and professional experiences.

Having been exposed to a variety of conditions and fields within the Exercise Physiology scope, including neurology, oncology, mental health, musculoskeletal and general rehabilitation, Ben is conscience of the pivotal role that exercise physiologists play in the allied health team when it comes to creating long-term positive and effective experiences for clients during their rehabilitation journey.

Ben has an extensive background of competing in high level sports since a young age, with particular interest in soccer, as well as other sports such as athletics and ice hockey along the way. He uses his own experiences with multiple injuries during his footballing career as a tool to relate and better understand the biopsychosocial process that individuals experience during rehabilitation, and the challenges that can present with their pathology or health condition.

Formal Qualifications

  • Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology, University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Technology Sydney
  • Member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia
  • Level 1 ASCA Coach (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)

Ben enjoys being physically active in his spare time, and is always eager to try new activities that he can take part in with family and friends. He maintains his passion for football, and utilises strength and conditioning in the gym to stay fit and healthy. Ben also loves to travel new places around the world with friends.

Ben uses his own experiences with multiple injuries to relate and better understand the process that individuals experience during rehabilitation.

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