Injury Rehab

ExCo’s musculoskeletal rehabilitation programs are a cornerstone of our services. We have highly specialised and qualified Exercise Physiologists and trainers who can help manage and treat chronic, acute or complex pain and pathology. Our world-class facility combined with our flexible treatment pathways allow us to offer a holistic approach to your injury and ultimately help you get back to what you love doing.

With a strategic focus on strength, stability, mobility and motor control, we can help treat and prevent the following:

  • Chronic back pain and pathology including arthritic and degenerative changes
  • Hip bursitis, Gluteal tendinopathy
  • Lumbo-pelvic and sacroiliac pain
  • Knee arthritis and meniscal pathology
  • Post operative knee replacement or arthroscopic surgery
  • Achilles pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Adhesive capsulitis (“frozen shoulder”)
  • Rotator cuff pathology
  • Chronic fatigue and ongoing pain.

At ExCo we believe that getting back to an active, happy, and healthy life is possible. We don’t just treat and manage current symptoms and pain associated with your injury or trauma. We examine the possible sources that may have contributed to injury in the first place with a focus on education and prevention. We aim to help you become resilient and stronger to aid in reducing the risk of recurrence in the future.