Strength & Conditioning

We help professional, emerging, and recreational athletes redefine what they thought was possible.

We have the technology and data capabilities to measure and assess your performance so we can deliver a truly unique experience across all aspects of performance. Whether you want to develop more club head speed or you would like to run your first marathon or indeed make your last Olympics count, we can provide that highly specialised support and guidance and work with the rest of your support staff including physio’s and doctors.

Our services include:

  • Event specific preparation
  • Long-term athletic development (LTAD)
  • Adolescent injury management and prevention
  • Biomechanical analysis and movement screening
  • Running assessment and gait analysis
  • Neuromuscular and strength testing.

To achieve the desired outcomes on the field, or to ensure you have the resilience and durability required for a long career requires knowledge and experience by those that have walked that path. At ExCo we have not only walked the path but we continue to evolve with the latest sport specific, performance enhancing solutions in the world.